DTV Innovations Encoders

Chimera-RM Professional Video Encoder/Satellite Modulator

Chimera-RM is a new, powerful, and flexible MPEG-2/H.264 encoder in a compact/portable form factor that allows two encoders to be mounted side by side in just 1RU with optional rack mount kit. Chimera-RM features Static and Dynamic PSIP  or DVB SI support, AC3 & AAC Audio, Stream Recording, Decoding, and Transcoding, plus an optional satellite modulator with BISS encryption.

Chimera-CP Portable MPEG Video Encoder

More than twenty years of broadcasting experience went into the design of the Chimera-CP portable video encoder. Chimera-CP was designed to address the requirement for a highly portable and easy to use video encoder in situations where weight and size are limited, thus making a rack mount design less than ideal. The ease of portability and flexible inputs and outputs while providing outstanding video quality make Chimera-CP the perfect encoder for many commonly encountered situations. With a built in touch screen control and confidence monitor

Gryphon PVE-5 HEVC 4K Contribution Video Encoder / DVB-S2X Modulator

Drawing on extensive real world outside broadcasting experience helped shape the design of the Gryphon PVE-5. Earlier generations of DTVI’s encoder family have been deployed in almost every country in the world, helping broadcast customers tackle the unique and demanding Challenges of news and sports contribution. DTVI’s Gryphon PVE-5 Contribution Encoder builds upon those achievements while delivering new levels of performance including HEVC 4K, ultra-low latency (< 1 frame), and multi-channel encoding.