Video Analysis

Stream Eye Datasheet

StreamEye is a professional software tool for in-depth MPEG-2/AVC/HEVC/VP9/AV1 video analysis. It provides a visual representation of the encoded video features and a stream structure analysis. Available for MAC, Windows and Linux OS.

Analysis from stream structure down to macroblock/coding tree unit/superblock.

Calculation of video quality metrics (PSNR, APSNR, SSIM, DELTA, MSE, MSAD, VQM, NQI, VMAF and VMAF phone; EPSNR). MPEG-2, AVC, HEVC, VP9 and AV1 video codecs and 4K video support.

Side-by-side comparison analysis of two video files.

Comparison of encoded and reference (raw) video files.

HDR video support: pseudo-HDR rendering and HDR headers display.

Encoding standards compliance check.

Console vers

ion for automated video analysis .

  • Video Quality Estimator
  • CodecWorks
  • Multistream Player
  • Elecard Boro
  • Converter Studio VOD

Stream Eye Datasheet