VideoFlow DVP100

VideoFlow DVP100 datasheet

VideoFlow’s DVP100 protector and sentinel enable the delivery of live, error-free, high quality video over standard Internet connections.


The Internet was never designed to handle Live video broadcast as they are sent as a continuous bit stream, which results in artifacts caused by jitter, and packet loss. Latency of more than a couple of seconds is totally unacceptable by viewers expecting to enjoy the excitement of any live event as it happens.
VideoFlow’s patent pending technology ensures that when delivering content over the internet no packet is lost, and nullifies the jitter caused by transiting the Internet thereby affording the opportunity to use a highly advanced, low cost solution for live, high quality video streams in place of existing, expensive solutions.
The DVP100 series includes VideoFlow’s 3V technology enabling a point of convergence serving as video aware network gateway. The DVP100 does not require any external box or service making it perfect for easy and scalable deployment of live video delivery over the Internet. Furthermore, the DVP100 series is a proven robust, flexible, and cost effective solution to carry live high quality video over long distances, easily competing with satellite and legacy transport networks.

Main Benfits

•  Significantly cuts costs by turning the Internet into a true live content delivery network (LCDN)
•  Live high quality video (SD, HD, and above) over standard Internet connections
•  Low delay ensures viewers enjoy the excitement of live events as they happen
•  Leverages the Internet to open new markets otherwise out of reach

Main Features

•  Recovers100% of lost packets
•  Eliminates excessive jitter
•  Multicast over protected tunnel across the Internet
•  1+1 Transport Stream protection
•  Multi-path / Multi-ISP streaming
•  Real time ETR290 probe
•  Alarms
•  Field upgradable

Typical Application

VideoFlow DVP100 datasheet

TeleIatlia Case Study
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