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JQ Equine Reiki Healing | Hampshire

Based in Winchester, Hampshire I offer Equine Reiki healing therapies for horse de-stress and injury

Equine Reiki can help your horse to recover faster from injury and stress. It is a complimentary therapy, is non invasive and does not use manipulation. Reiki has been shown to help with conditions which can be either physical, emotional, behavioural or the horse/owner relationship.

It may help with the following

  • Arthritis
  • Digestive Issues
  • Loss of appetite
  • Physical injuries
  • Reducing stress
  • Relieving anxiety
  • Competition stress (horse and rider)
  • Spooking
  • Wind sucking
  • Nervousness
  • Bereavement/loss

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Julia Quarm

About Equine Reiki

Energy flows through the body of a horse in good health. However, a number of things can interfere with this flow. Some of them are physical injuries, trauma, dietary changes, emotional problems, training issues or a combination of these problems. Any blockage of energy can result in physical, psychological or behavioural problems.

The Reiki treatment helps restore balance and a positive energy flow into your animal. This can be hands on or hands off. Most horses love the feeling of Reiki healing and visibly relax during the session. Horses are very sensitive and wise to energetic frequencies and will immediately understand the nature of the healing being offered.

It is advised to allow your horse to relax after the Reiki treatment and to offer them food and water. Horses often feel sleepy or drowsy following the healing session.

Horses are closely connected to their owners and can mirror what their owners are feeling mentally and emotionally which is why I offer a horse and rider package.

It is also possible for you to have a full Reiki session yourself if you feel you would benefit for a longer Reiki treatment. I will bring a mobile couch for your comfort. Enough space to for me to walk around the couch is all that is needed. This could be in your home or somewhere quiet, uninterrupted and weather proof!

Please note that Reiki does not replace or act as an alternative to Veterinary practice. If your horse appears to be injured or ill please contact your Vet. Reiki healing works well alongside Veterinary treatments.

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Treatment prices

A treatment is usually 50-60 minutes and a course of between 2-6 sessions are recommended depending on how the horse responds to the treatments. A small travel charge will be added if I will be travelling further than 25 miles from Winchester, Hampshire.

Treatment Price Treatment time*
Equine Reiki £40.00 50 - 60 Minutes
Horse plus rider £60.00 Rider 30 Minutes
Rider only £40.00 50 minutes

There is a 10% discount off of a three session block booking

Cancellation Policy: 24 Hours notice is required for appointment cancellation otherwise there will be a 50% cancellation charge.

Julia Quarm performing Reiki Therapy

About Julia Quarm

Julia Quarm

I have been a therapist spanning over 20 years. My practice previously involved working with people using both physical and energy frequencies. I am an insured and certified Reiki practitioner and have also qualified specifically in Animal Reiki. I attended all Reiki courses at a residential college studying the traditional Dr Usui method.

It has been a delightful progression in my work to be able to work with horses and their owners! I possess a mature, friendly, and calm personality and am sensitive to a horses well being and comfort at all times.


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Contact Details

  • Address: Winchester, Hampshire, SO22 5AH
  • Phone: 07847 034532
  • Email: info@equinereikitherapy.co.uk
  • Business hours:
    Monday to friday 10.30-8.00pm
    Wednesday closed
    Saturday morning open 10.30 to 1.00pm
    Sunday closed